The marketing data warehouse for paid media

Easily connect, report and activate marketing data without code

Join 250+ marketers using AirPipe


Bring data together

Get your data where you need it faster. Reliable connectors that keep your reports up-to-date and accurate.


Blend data with ease

The most intuitive and powerful data blender so that you can truly unify channel & sales data to create combined KPIs, charts and reports.


Crush client questions with AI

Don't keep clients waiting for answers. Get insights immedietely with our marketing AI analyst.


Add intelligence to your reporting

Create interactive visualisations to easily share insights. Or export data to Looker Studio to set-up more advanced reports.


Pipe first party data back to ad platforms

Coming soon: Enrich your data with first party sources such as email and CRM. Then feed data straight into ad platforms to get more conversions.

Consolidate your data stack to save time and cost

Get the edge on data and reporting

Lower reporting costs

Save on paying for individual connectors and setting up a data warehouse. Connect and analyse data without expensive resources.

Increase return on campaigns

The fastest way to get critical insights that drive results, optimise spend and make clients happy.

Save time across all reports

Create reports 5x faster so that you can focus on adding creative value and optimising ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Extremely. All data is end-to-end encrypted and every user has their data stored in a separate container, hosted in the EU.

AirPipe ensures that none of your data is sent to AI model providers. Our model is pre-tuned on our own marketing data, so that you don’t have to share yours. 

If you decide AirPipe is not for you, you can close your account and completely delete all of your data. No questions asked.

How much does AirPipe cost?

AirPipe is currently in beta. Simply sign up to join the beta. We will be launching a paid tier at $39 later in 2024, with an exclusive lifetime deal for beta users.

Who runs AirPipe?

AirPipe is created by James . I am software engineer and growth marketer based in London, who is passionate about marketing analytics. AirPipe is not a ‘start-up’ or a ‘movement’ or aiming to raise millions to become a ‘unicorn’ in 2 years.

It’s an affordable, secure and hopefully enjoyable way for PPC freelancers, teams and small agencies compete when it comes to data and reporting. 

That’s it.

Made with ☕️ in London 🇬🇧